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Faster French is a method of learning French (from English) divided into 4 volumes + a conjugation table. Designed by Philip Ejikeme – a former language learner, translator and teacher



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Mastering French has never been easier! is an online self-study guide designed to help you master French grammar, and communication in French. At, we provide we provide valuable resources for effective French.

It is designed to help learner acquire rapid communication skills. Subjects are treated so that you can apply knowledge acquired in related circumstances.

Everything is put in place so that you can have fun as you learn to communicate in French.

Whether you are an individual learner, a school, or corporate entity sponsoring your staff, we have the resources to meet your needs.

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The language and culture of origin must be taken into account in the learning method and there is not ONE universal method for every language. Faster French therefore offers a simplified method.

The specificity of this method is based on the acquisition of verbs recognized as difficult for non-French speakers. Thanks to a completely new approach, verbs are very easy to learn by linking the stem to a declension.


Faster French is a method of learning French (from English) divided into 4 volumes + a conjugation table. Designed by Philip Ejikeme – a former language learner, translator and teacher – the method aims to simplify language integration for foreigners. In addition, the objectives are:

  • To ensure the autonomy and ease of learners in everyday life
  • To offer a simplified method of learning (especially conjugation *)
  • To suggest exercisesto apply the method daily

* One of the peculiarities of the method is the simplification of learning conjugation (the emphasis is on the association between radicals and endings) and learning adjectives.

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The verbs in the conjugation table are placed together in a group called category. Each category or group is assigned a conjugation formula which is applicable to the entire group verb. A category is a group of verbs that share similar patterns of conjugation in a given tense. All verbs in a given category share endings in respective tenses.

Talking, listening, loving, watching belong to the same group. One feature distinguishes them from other verbs ending in -er . They have a root that does not change, at least in the present, past tense, imperfect, present subjunctive, and past simple (preterite).

The radicals of speaking, listening, loving and looking are respectively  parl-; listen-; aim-  and look- 


About the Founder

Philip Ejikeme has a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Relations from the University of Geneva as well as a Diploma in Modern Languages ​​(French and German) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

He taught French at a secondary school in Lagos (Nigeria) and worked as a translator with the Embassy of Nigeria in Bern (Switzerland). He has also worked with Swiss administrations in charge of asylum rights, including the Federal Office for Migration.

He is currently working as a freelance interpreter and translator in Switzerland

Philip Ejikeme

“ My goal is to help non-French speakers to better cope with the difficulties of the French language. “

founder of the French for success method .